Characteristics and application scope of PERT heating pipe

Characteristics and application scope of PERT heating pipe

1. PERT heating pipe has the following characteristics:

1. Good stability and long-term pressure resistance

2. Good impact resistance, high safety

3. Excellent flexibility, easy bending, stress cracking resistance, easy construction

4. Hot melt links easy to repair, simple installation, easy maintenance, high cost performance


2. Application scope of PERT heating pipe

1.The floor heating system, which is suitable for household living room, bedroom and public bathroom, swimming pool, kindergartens, nursing homes; It is also suitable for other special needs, such as the airport runway, the urban road snow melting pipeline (preferred)

2. Cold and hot water piping system in the building

3. The industrial water supply pipeline system

4. The pipe for central air conditioning system

5. Pipe for food, pharmaceutical and health industry - beverage etc.

6. The pipes for hot springs and water heater

7. Pipe for agricultural, aquaculture, landscaping