Home heating what a good pipe

At present, the HVAC market common heating pipe PE-RT pipe, PE-x pipe, pp-r pipe, tube, aluminum-

plastic tube, such as PB. In daily use, pp-r pipe, aluminum-plastic pipe is more common, most 

users will choose, and PB pipes despite good performance, but because the price can be very high,

 so there has been little use of.

PB pipes: high pressure resistance, good resistance to high temperature and low temperature 

characteristics, good impact resistance, easy to bend without rebound, are some of the softest in 

the pipe. Raw material prices the highest is more than 1 time for other species, currently used 

in China is less.

P-R tube: aside from the plastic light weight, corrosion, scale, long life and other 

characteristics, but also has good heat resistance, ease of installation, connection reliability,

long service life, drug-free, health advantages, it tube ideal for living hot water radiator 

system tubing.