How to prolong the service life of PPR pipe

How to prolong the service life of PPR pipe


There are other influences of the construction factors except its quality if you want to prolong the service life of PPR tube. Therefore, to make the PPR pipe can be used for a long time, PPR pipe construction process is particularly important. The construction of loopholes will be found out one by one as fellows:

1, as for the PPR tube material limit, compression capacity is not stronger than that of the metal pipe pressure, so it should do a good job of protection in the construction and don't let ppr pipe extruded by strong external force.

2, due to the expansion and contraction of the PPR tube in a specific environment, so in the construction, must use the relevant technical methods to prevent water pipe deformation.

3, forbid to let PPR tube exposure and in a low temperature environment, if necessary, must take protective measures to the PPR tube. You can use external protective layer in the external tube to play a protective role.

4, after installation of pipe, it need do the pressure test, the test pressure and pressure time must be tested according to the technical requirements. Different kinds of pipes, the pressure and time values are different. So it must be strictly in accordance with the technical manual pressure test.

5, in the process of installing tube, it need install pipe clamp to fix the pipe according to the safety distance and technical requirements, which can ensure PPR pipe safe and stable.