Installation requirements for PPR pipe valve

Installation requirements for PPR pipe valve

Water supply valve is mainly stop valve, 90 degree ball valve, PPR pipe flange, etc. PPR pipe industry for the specification model design of each PPR pipe fittings or valve parts are fully in line with the application requirements. The valve body of various brands is shape-rule, no blisters and crack, smooth surface, flexible switch and tight closure, using precision PPR material produce, packing seal intact without leakage, handwheel intact injury and has quality certificate.

The installation for PPR pipe valve in home decoration need notice some contents the same as the installation of PPR pipes. For example, the installation of pipe valve also need pressure test, high temperature resistance experiment, welding connection and so on.

PPR pipe valve pressure strength test must be carried out before the valve installation. During the process, it needs sampling test to ensure the safety of the application. For the installation of valve on the main pipe which plays a role of cut-off, it should be done one by one strength and tightness test. And the strength and tightness of the test pressure shall be the factory’s valve pressure.

PPR valve’s connection should be paid more attention in the project and home application, because the role of each valve in the pipeline is very large. Adequately protect normal application and application security of pipeline. Generally it is more security to use hot melt. Part of the valve can be directly applied. However the heating time of valves which need be welded should be strictly implemented according to the provisions of the hot melt tool factory. During the welding process, it should lead pipe end into the heating sleeve without rotation, insert into the depth of the mark, while push the pipe fitting to the heating head without rotation and reach the specified mark.

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