Is spacing between flooring heating pipe more small more better?

Because water and electric system develop in a short time inChinaand the popularity is not very full,it causes some mistakes in the use and installation of flooring heating pipe. Especially many customers hope to reduce the pipe space, which can be heated sufficiently to save raw materials. At the same time to save the family spending. Actually it is a wrong idea. Spacing has a certain design requirement when installation of heating pipe. Narrowing the spacing of heating pipe will cause heating circuit and increase the number of turning blindly, increase the thermal resistance and the difficulty in construction and easily will be in poor circulation or partial overheating.

Narrow spacing will affect the heating effect of the play, but also will increase the number of unnecessary trouble for the future. In order to prevent the occurrence of such phenomena. Heating pipe must be in accordance with heat load calculation results such as the formal design and room orientation, building insulation effect, the indoor temperature to calculate the pipe spacing, to ensure the comfort of heating in winter.

In one word, the national standard is home heating, so the heating pipe spacing between 375px-500px are in line with the provisions.