Polypropylene pipes (PPR) features and applications

"Answer" (1) in the now in construction and installation engineering, mostly PPR pipes for 

heating and water supply (). The advantage of easy installation quick, economical, environmental

 protection, light weight, health-toxic, good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation 

performance, long life and other advantages. Diameter diameter of bigong said first. Example, 

PPR32 is equivalent to DN25,PPR63 is equivalent to DN50. diameter divided into DN20 and DN25 and 

DN32, DN40, DN50, DN63, DN75, DN90, DN110. wide range of fittings tees, elbows, tube clamps, 

adjustable, pipe plug, pipe clamps, brackets and hangers. Hot and cold water pipes, cold pipe 

green pipe, hot water pipe red tube. Valves PPR ball valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, gate 

valve, PPR material outside the inner copper core.