PPR fittings manufacturer teach you what problem should note when using PPR pipe

For the production of PPR pipe fittings ppr fittings manufacturer , manufactured parts must keep matching with the PPR pipe, so as to have a better sales. And in the process of using or is in the process of transportation, PPR tube any problems, accessories can't normal installation, so will tell you the PPR pipe fittings manufacturers in use process need to pay attention to what problem.

  PPR fittings manufacturer provided notice: 1, transport, protection of PPR pipe in the process of transportation is very important, because although the PPR pipe has a certain toughness and elasticity, but there is a certain range of under these qualities, so transport must avoid heavy extrusion, also should pay attention to in use. 2, protection, PPR pipe under the condition of lower than 5 ℃, it is easy to occur the embrittlement phenomenon, so must pay attention to the protection in the winter, and it is important to note that in winter construction when cutting. PPR pipe in long exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays appear the phenomenon of aging or degradation, next time if the installation requires outdoors with some color deeper protective layer. 4, prevent degeneration, the most after some changes of temperature, PPR pipe, some changes will occur on the form when installation so it is important to note that completes the degeneration prevention measures.

  After installation, ppr fittings manufacturer advice before use must test, specific test time or methods should be targeted implementation according to different situations.