PPR hot melt machine use precautions

PPR hot melt machine use matters needing attention:

1, stationary welding machines installed heated die head, place the welding machine on the stent,

 installed according to the required pipe size corresponds to the size of the heated die head and 

Hexagon socket screw spanner harden, usually in front of the small size, large size in the back 


2, power on power on

Plugged in (pay attention to the power supply must be provided with leakage protection), 

according to weld pipes of different materials, set the desired temperature press the SET button 

for 2 seconds and hear buzzer blinking digital temperature setting temperature. Continuous 

pressure on the keys, this temperature continued to rise, interrupted pressing the keys, 

temperatures dropped, after the desired temperature is reached, press the SET key to the 

temperature display. Red light is on, for heating. Green light is on, for insulation. Wait until

 the temperature reaches the set temperature, you can carry out operations.