Why so much difference about PPR pipe price

Why so much difference about PPR pipe price

PPR pipe price and traditional of cast iron tube, and plating zinc pipe, and cement tube, pipeline

 compared, has energy-saving section material, and environmental, and light high strength, and 

resistance corrosion, and within wall smooth not scaling, and construction and maintenance simple,

 and using life long, advantages, widely application Yu building to drainage, and urban and rural 

to drainage, and city gas, and power and cable nursing sets, and industrial fluid conveying, and 

agricultural irrigation, construction, and municipal, and industrial and agricultural field.

ppr pipe pricing factors:

,PPR pipe fitting materials

Pipes of raw materials more pure more good, certainly purity high of price also compared 

expensive, some small manufacturers of pipe fittings although cheap, but quality also is need 

first playing a question mark, because some manufacturers will in pipe production process in the 

using recycling to reduced cost, low price sold, but this pipe fittings regardless of is 

appearance, and wall, and pressure, and anti-aging is not as of, including hot melt temperature 

and time will has difference.

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