What are the advantages of high-performance PPR PIPES

What are the advantages of high-performance PPR PIPES

The application of high-performance PPR pipe solves many drawbacks of the early metal pipe. It also has the advantages of high temperature resistance, convenient installation, less joints, never water leakage stability, health, energy saving and environmental protection, which fully meet the design index.

The characteristics of high-performance PPR pipe:

(1) high-performance PPR pipe is a kind of advanced scientific and technological achievements with the adoption of the three layer coextrusion.

(2) the coefficient of linear expansion is much smaller than that of ordinary PP-R products.

(3) high temperature resistance and no deformation. The normal temperature can reach -40 degree to 110 degree, which not only improve the use of medium temperature, but also can reduce the thickness of insulation material.

(4) thin thickness, light weight, water flow increased significantly.

(5) 100% using imported raw materials to ensure the quality. The characteristics of PE-RT floor heating pipe have good flexibility, good shock resistance, high safety. Comparing with PE-X and PB pipeline, it is convenient and economical when installation, which belongs to the green product. And it can recycle, which do not pollute the environment.