What are the characteristics of PPR-AL-PPR pipes

What are the characteristics of PPR-AL-PPR pipes

PPR-AL-PPR pipe has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, antistatic, flame retardant and other advantages, which is the main choice of home pipeline.

PPR-AL-PPR pipe is physically connected with copper joints. The middle aluminum layer, plays a good role in compression. Study on rapid crack propagation of polyethylene used in aluminum plastic composite pipe is for nearly 20 years. While PAP’s five layer structure: polyethylene, binder, aluminum, binder, polyethylene, makes polyethylene and aluminum as a whole. There is no risk of rapid cracking.

The middle aluminum layer has the barrier effect on oxygen, which is not easy to lead to the growth of microorganisms and algae. Generally we only add antioxidants in the outer layer of plastic to, and in the inner layer of plastic part add no or very small amount of antioxidants, reducing water pollution.

With these incomparable advantages,aluminum plastic composite pipe is the first choice of cold and hot water supply pipeline and ideal heating pipeline.And the development of aluminum plastic composite pipe in China has been quite mature, which has a sound product standards and application norms, widely accepted by the market. The rapid development trend of plastic composite pipe abroad also confirms this fact: according to statistics of Germany KWD plastic Information Center, PPR plastic tube rate is increased by more than 20% a year in Europe, far exceeding the amount of PPR, PB and other plastic pipes. I believe in our country, "Queen" water pipes - aluminum composite pipe will have a broader market space.