1000W Off Grid Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

Product Details

1000W off gird modified sine wave inverter

Five functions:

1.overheating protection: If the inverter internal temperature or ambient temperature is too

high, and inverter Automatic temperature protection to stop the output, to ensure the safety

of electrical equipment.

2.low-voltage protection: When the battery or power supply voltage is too low, the inverter will 

automatically shutdown protection to stop output to protect the battery or power supply is not


3.over-voltage protection: When the DC input voltage exceeds the normal range, the inverter will 

stop automatically shut down to protect the output, note that the voltage is too high may damage 

the machine.

4.Overload Protection: When the connected equipment exceeds the inverter rated power Watt,the 

inverter will automatically shut down to stop output.

5.Output short-circuit protection: when external electrical equipment short-circuit with the 

device itself, the inverter will automatically be turned off to stop the output.