5000W Off Grid Modifed Sine Wave Power Inverter

Product Details

5000W off gird modified sine wave inverter

Product Feature

1. Soft start: smooth start-up of appliances

2. Modified sine wave output waveform

3. DC/AC isolated

4. Universal protection circuit: over voltage protection, over thermal protection, short circuit 

protection, overload protection, polarity reverse protection, low voltage protection

5. Low interference technology

6. With power ON/OFF switch and two-color LED indicator: power, fault

7. The surge power twice as rated power

8. Thermal methods: cooling fans, 30% load auto. on

9. One year warranty

Product Application:

1.In-car or on-boat devices series: military vehicle, police cars, medical ambulance, ships,

traffic lights, and etc.

2. Industry equipment series: solar energy, wind power, gas discharge lamp, and etc.

3. Office area: computer, printer, copier, scanner, digital camera, and etc.

4. Kitchen utensils series: micro-wave oven, induction cooker, refrigerator, and etc.

5. House appliance devices: electric fans, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, lighting lamps,

 and ect.

6. Power tool series: electric saw, drilling machine, punching machines, air compressor, and etc.