PPR Ball Valve Aging Treatment To Improve The Hardness Of The Alloy, Strength

Sometimes in order to meet the PPR Ball Valve  and other valve products in a special working environment under the basic requirements of the need for the corresponding technical processing products, the following is a simple summary of this.

Solution treatment is mainly to improve the plasticity and toughness of steel and alloy, for the preparation of precipitation hardening preparation; aging treatment to improve the hardness of the alloy, strength or electrical properties, aging treatment can be divided into natural aging and artificial aging two, It saves time by natural time, and the residual stress is removed more thoroughly. In order to obtain a certain strength and toughness, quenching and high temperature tempering combined with the process, known as quenched and tempered.

The heat treatment in a negative pressure atmosphere or vacuum is called a vacuum heat treatment, and the heat treatment is carried out by combining the pressure processing deformation and the heat treatment effectively and tightly so that the PPR Ball Valve  and the like have a good strength.

Valve seal is the detection and protection of the normal use of the basic requirements of the product, around the PPR Ball Valve  seal the main work to solve the following countermeasures.

PPR Ball Valve  work seal can not be withdrawn, may be due to volute pressure is not normal, working seal water operation circuit is not correct, work sealed into the chamber pressure switch or position switch failure. To this end should check the volute pressure is normal, guide leaf leakage is too large, volute drainage valve is open.

PPR Ball Valve  work seal can not be put, may be due to pressure switch or hydraulic valve failure caused. Should check the working seal pressure into the cavity pressure switch action is correct, the signal circuit is normal and the work of the seal into the cavity of the hydraulic valve is jamming and so on.

In order to meet the rapid development of China's national economy and to adapt to different industries for different requirements of the pipeline, the PPR Ball Valve  structure has been improved. PPR Ball Valve s, fire PPR Ball Valve s and other new varieties after another.

Elastic seal Seat structure: elastic seal valve seat valve opening and closing torque is very small, when the medium pressure is relatively high, the ball under the action of the medium pressure, the required sealing pressure;

Corrosion resistant structure: carbon steel or stainless steel ball outer surface of all coated with polytetrafluoroethylene, so to avoid the carbon steel or stainless steel matrix and strong corrosive media contact for strong corrosive media;

High temperature structure: the sealing seat material from polytetrafluoroethylene to para-polystyrene, the PPR Ball Valve  allows the use of temperature will reach 250 ℃. Can also be changed to open the PPR Ball Valve  sealed metal PPR Ball Valve .

In short, under the continuous innovation and development of technology, more similar to the PPR Ball Valve  and other product varieties will be an excellent development and application for the production sent more convenient services.