Inverter Can Extend The Power Generation Time, Thereby Increasing The Power Generation

The inverter is one of the very important components of a home photovoltaic plant! Choose a good quality inverter to ensure the power generation of domestic photovoltaic power plants!

Select the inverter to see the following five points!

First, from the application of distributed photovoltaic scenarios to match the inverter, according to local conditions to choose the appropriate inverter to play the greatest role.

Inverter models how to choose? Single or three phase? These are dependent on the roof of the situation, the family roof or courtyard, installed capacity is small, the general choice of single-phase or three-phase grid group of string inverter, roof area Is too large to choose three-phase inverter; industrial and commercial roofs, complex mountain and greenhouses project, for the irregular, prone to local occlusion, installed capacity, low voltage or medium voltage and a variety of grid voltage scene, the general Select the three-phase group of string inverter; for the Northwest region of large ground and desert power station, the proposed use of centralized box inverter.

Second, select the inverter which is more critical factor is efficient power generation.

To achieve efficient power generation of photovoltaic power plants, an indicator is the conversion efficiency of the inverter, usually see the inverter has the maximum efficiency and weight efficiency of the two concepts. What is the difference between the two concepts? The maximum efficiency is the best performance of the inverter in the best case. Weighted efficiency, is the integrated performance of the inverter. Inverter can achieve efficient power generation is a comprehensive embodiment, it seems that the weighted efficiency is more of a manufacturing significance.

Another key indicator is MPPT efficiency, there are two strategies of dynamic and static. For now, the static MPPT efficiency algorithm is not much problem most manufacturers can achieve. The key is dynamic MPPT efficiency, in the actual working environment of the inverter lighting, temperature and other conditions are constantly changing. Inverter conversion efficiency and MPPT efficiency of these two indicators, will affect the inverter power generation, can extend the power generation time, thereby increasing power generation.

Third, the distributed photovoltaic system because of the distance from the user side, safe and reliable to become an important factor in the selection of the inverter.

Owners and developers want the power station to be able to operate safely for 25 years.

1. To achieve group string monitoring, to each group of string of fine monitoring, timely detection of line failure, component failure, occlusion and other issues, reduce the fault location time.

2. Inverter has a protective function, to be able to prevent fire, such as color steel tiles roof and mountain scene prone to fire; to lightning, such as roof and mountain and other places prone to thunderstorms; to be able to prevent PID and Electric shock, such as fishery and agricultural light complementary scenes often have operation and maintenance or work of the staff.

3. Inverter thermal design, electronic device life 10 ℃ law: the device ambient temperature for each rise of 10 ℃, life reduced by half.

4. To consider the inverter process design and selection during the period, with a good design, in a large number of experimental verification, such as waterproof, dust, high and low temperature are very necessary.

Fourth, select the inverter to consider grid friendly.

Inverter in the photovoltaic system, is the energy conversion of light energy is an important tool, in front of the light, followed by the power grid. Inverter grid friendly has three indicators, power power factor, current harmonics, DC component. Power factor PF, under normal circumstances PF = 1 the best, the smaller the current harmonic THDi, the more close to the sine, DC component DCI, the smaller the more ideal.

Fifth, intelligent operation and maintenance.