Along The Way For The Building Materials Industry, What Opportunities?

The construction of "the economic belt of the new Silk Road" and the "21st century Silk Road on 

the sea", or "along the way" national strategies for the home improvement industry in China a 

rare opportunity. Domestically, the "area" covering 16 provinces, provinces are currently actively

 rolled out a number of key projects. Only XI unveiled a 60 "Silk Road project". Construction of 

high-speed rail, industrial parks, logistics parks first. From an international perspective, six 

corridor is a kaleidoscope of only 81,000 kilometers of high-speed rail construction. In addition,

 "along the way" also has a watch, is actively promoting the construction of several industrial 

parks. Encourage domestic enterprises and along the inland, along the border areas based on 

national development zones and high-tech parks, logistics parks, through cooperation, joint 

ventures and other flexible ways, outside to set up industrial parks, logistics parks, overseas 

economic and trade cooperation zones, etc. The building will have a profound impact on industry.