CHENYU Inverter Aftersales Service Commitment

CHENYU has always been to the needs of customers as the center, and always implement the "customer is the lifeblood of enterprise survival," the concept of enterprise services. At the same time, we also continue to learn from the majority of customers to give guidance and suggestions, and constantly improve themselves, and strive to do a customer satisfaction, so that the community's confidence oriented enterprises.

We always strive to improve our service!

Our service commitments are as follows:

Pre service

CHENYU  power will give users a detailed description of the company's products and quality. Explain in detail for the user about power supply technology knowledge, including the use and maintenance of the power supply, technical characteristics, power supply using features.When customers need to provide on-site service, we will send the best engineering and technical personnel on-site service for customers.

Sale services

Sales department will call the customers who buy inverters from us within one week to ask the goods acceptance situation, including whether the quality of the products can meet the needs of customers, packaging, transportation and other requirements. Key users should be sent to the scene on a quarterly basis to seek advice, solve the problems raised by the user, to ensure the realization of the CHENYU power products to achieve life-long maintenance.

After-sale service

When there are quality problem of CHENYU power inverter, We will reply within 12 hours after we receive customers’complaints and if it is determined the quality problems , we will replace the equipment or mend service  within 24 hours. If you need for on-site service, service personnel should be within 48 hours to the scene to solve the problem.

My company's products have two years warranty service policy.