Correct Understanding Of PE-RT Pipes Ensure Quality Floor Heating

Heat-resistant polyethylene (PE-RT) pipes in China promoting the practice shows, a lot of people's

awareness of such products is not enough. Therefore, there is a need for this product concepts, 

features, and related knowledge and further analysis. Heat-resistant polyethylene (PE-RT) concept

Heat-resistant polyethylene (PE-RT) first special pipe United States Dow Chemical Company was 

launched in March 2002, grade DOWLE9X2344E9LLDPE. This material is a medium density polyethylene 

with stable performance, formed by the copolymerization of vinyl monomer and octene. The material 

has excellent resistance to heat and long-term hydrostatic properties.

When under high temperature and high pressure, PE-RT material when subjected to stress, C8 

absorbs some of the energy in the extension process can prevent damage to the crystal lattice. 

Through proper design, C8 can be evenly distributed between the various monomers in the polymer,

allowing polymers even by force and by controlling its quantity, to improve its thermal stability,

 and long-term resistance to hydrostatic properties.