How To Choose A Brand PPR Pipes

Formal manufacturers

Guarantee pipe quality is to first select the regular suppliers, the regular suppliers of complete

 documents, relevant departments of supervision, production and testing equipment, which can 

monitor the quality of pipe.

Second, strict quality standards system

Has a strict quality management system is an important guarantee pipe quality, CNC pipe industry 

all products are in accordance with the implementation of self test, a combination of mutual 

inspection, special inspection "three" system, all products have passed the quality inspection of 

raw materials, online, finished three, through a system based on international standard ISO9001 

management system certification.

Third, a reliable team

For any brand, mature and reliable research and development team to ensure that a business can 

continue to develop, research and development team of mature best, ensure the quality of PPR 

pipes. CNC pipe industry is a focus on the production of PPR pipe 15 years of production 

enterprises, its research and development team is mature, it is also important guarantee to 

ensure the steady development of CNC pipe industry.