Importance Of Home Installation Of Pipes

Importance of home installation of pipes

The high cost performance of PE-RT pipe (heat-resistant polyethylene pipe)

Pipe characteristics:

1, high temperature resistance

2, high impact strength


1, PE-RT pipe material is a kind of medium density polyethylene with stable mechanical properties, whose price is moderate. It is a relatively high cost performance of pipe.

2, PE-RT pipe can be connected by hot melt connection method. Although accidental damage, it can also be used pipe fittings to repair by hot melt connection. And the process is simple.

3, PE - RT tube can be recycled, which will not cause pollution to the environment.

PP-R tubes (atactic polypropylene) for domestic hot water pipes and radiators

Pipe characteristics:

1, high temperature resistance, good mechanical properties and superior connection performance.

2, non-toxic, health. Its raw materials are only carbon and hydrogen, no toxic elements exist.

3, recyclable.

4, Currently, PP-R pipe is an ideal pipe for hot water pipe and radiator system. Because of its low temperature impact resistance and flexibility, it is less used in the aspect of floor radiant heating pipe. It needs to circulate hot water in the pipe when laying the pipe

5, in the aspect of the system reliability and service life, quality pipe is very good, which is used for floor radiant heating pipe and other hot water pipeline.