Inevitability Of Tianjin Old PPR Pipe Reconstruction Of Urban Construction

Urban water supply pipe network, drainage pipes, electricity networks, gas networks constitute 

the city's main supply of various pipeline system. But old PPR pipe networks, power networks and

 other various problems may occur, such as aging pipes, transformation of the old pipe near the 

scrap and severe water loss and so on, has increased the need for reform. Weixing pipeline 

industry below to highlight importance of PPR pipe renovation of old and new.

For purposes of water supply PPR pipe in the old city, road network must be modified, and must be

 implemented, and detailed implementation plan of the State departments to ensure that the 

planning, to draw up renovation arranged year by year, budget, old guaranteed water supply 

pipeline network and advancing.

Problems layers of old water pipes, water supply system optimization and into focus, especially 

underground water supply pipelines, electric power pipe engineering input is increased. Scientific

 and rational planning and design of pipeline in reconstruction, ensure the reliability of the 

systems, network technology of transforming the economy, but also to ensure that municipal water 

supplies in a timely manner.