Inverter The Inverse Process Of Rectification

Inverter is through the semiconductor power switch on and off the role of the DC power into AC power conversion device, is the reverse process of rectification.

Car inverter in general can be divided into two parts, each part of the use of a TL494 or KA7500 chip composed of control circuit, the first part of the circuit is the role of the car battery to provide 12V DC, through the high-frequency PWM (Pulse width modulation) switching power supply technology into 30kHz-50kHz, 220V or so AC; the second part of the circuit is the role of the use of bridge rectifier, filter, pulse width modulation and switching power output technology, the 30kHz ~ 50kHz, 220V Around the AC into 50Hz, 220V AC.

How the inverter works:

1, DC can be converted into alternating current through the oscillation circuit;

2, the resulting AC and then through the coil boost (then get the square wave of alternating current);

3, the resulting AC rectifier to get sine wave.

AC-DC is relatively simple, we know that the diode has a one-way conductivity. Can be connected with this characteristic of a diode into a bridge, so that the other end is always flowing into the other end is always outflow of this voltage is sinusoidal changes in the DC. If you need smooth DC also need to rectify, the simple way is to connect a capacitor.

Inverter is a DC to AC transformer, which in fact is a voltage inverter with the process. Adapter is the utility power grid AC voltage into a stable 12V DC output, and Inverter is the Adapter output 12V DC voltage into high-frequency high-voltage alternating current; two parts are also used in the current use of more pulse width Modulation (PWM) technology. Its core part is a PWM integrated controller, Adapter with UC3842, Inverter is used TL5001 chip. TL5001 operating voltage range of 3.6 ~ 40V, which has an internal error amplifier, a regulator, oscillator, a dead zone control PWM generator, low voltage protection circuit and short circuit protection circuit.

The selection of the main power components of the inverter is critical, and the current use of more power components is Darlington Power Transistor (BJT), Power Field Effect (MOSFET), Insulated Gate Transistor (IGBT) and Shutable Thyristor GTO), etc., in the small-capacity low-voltage system using more devices for the MOSFET, because the MOSFET has a low on-state voltage drop and high switching frequency, high-voltage large-capacity systems are generally used IGBT module, MOSFET with the voltage rise of its on-state resistance also increases, and IGBT in the medium capacity system occupies a greater advantage, and in the large capacity (100KVA above) system, the general use of GTO as a large power components : FET or IGBT, transformers, capacitors, diodes, comparators and 3525 master. There is also rectifier filtering. Power size and accuracy, the relationship between the complexity of the circuit.