Inverter With Sufficient Rated Power

First of all to determine whether the grid or off the net. In addition to the inverter configuration in accordance with the entire photovoltaic power generation system of the technical indicators and reference to the manufacturer to provide the product sample manual to determine. Generally, we should also consider the following technical indicators.

1, rated output power

The rated output power represents the ability of the PV inverter to supply power to the load. Photovoltaic inverters with high rated output power can carry more power loads. Selection of photovoltaic inverter should first consider the full rated power to meet the maximum load under the equipment on the power requirements, as well as the expansion of the system and some temporary load access. When the electrical equipment to pure resistive load for life or power factor greater than 0.9, the general selection of photovoltaic inverter rated output power than the total power of 10% `15%.

2, the output voltage adjustment performance

The output voltage regulation performance of the photovoltaic inverter output voltage regulator capacity. General PV inverter products are given when the DC input voltage changes in the allowable range of fluctuations, the PV inverter output voltage fluctuations in the percentage of deviation, commonly known as voltage regulation. High-performance photovoltaic inverters should also give a percentage change in the output voltage of the PV inverter when the load changes from zero to 100%, commonly referred to as load regulation. Excellent performance of the photovoltaic inverter voltage regulation should be less than or equal to ± 3%, load regulation is less than or equal to ± 6%.

3, the whole efficiency

The overall efficiency represents the size of the power loss of the PV inverter itself. Larger PV inverters are also given full efficiency and low efficiency. General KW level inverter efficiency should be more than 85%; 10KW level of efficiency should be more than 90%; greater power efficiency must be more than 95%. Inverter efficiency level of photovoltaic power generation system to improve the effective power generation and reduce the cost of power has an important impact, so the choice of photovoltaic inverter to try to compare, select the whole high efficiency of the product.

4, start performance

The PV inverter should ensure reliable start-up at rated load. High-performance PV inverters can be operated continuously multiple times at a time without damage to power switching devices and other circuits. Small-scale inverters for their own security, sometimes using soft-start or current limiting start measures or circuits.