Maiden Voyage Of The New Energy 6kW New PV Inverter Market, Many New Features To Look Forward To!

Recently, the maiden voyage of the new Shenzhen energy limited (hereinafter "first new energy") for photovoltaic projects with solar home systems markets, announced a new inverter-SOFAR 6000TLM, this inverter single-phase inverter family apart from the continuation of first new energy "stable and effective" properties, and provides users with many smart features.

Reportedly, SOFAR 6000TLM output power for 6300W, which into efficiency up to 97.6%, will for user improve power returns; real-time precision of MPPT algorithm, let PV system configuration more flexible; DC full MPPT lower can low to 250V, ensure in summer light resources good of situation Xia unlimited power; has had pressure, and owes pressure protection, had flow, and owes flow protection, had frequency, and owes frequency protection, overload, and owes contains protection, anti-Island protection, Six major protection and leakage current protection IP65 protection rating and ensure the stable operation of inverters and power stations.