Movable Solar Power System Life And Normal Use Of Time

Movable Solar Power System is the process of power supply by solar cells and grid-connected counter-current. Movable Solar Power System in today's life is widely used by the photovoltaic power generation system of light energy into electrical energy, a variety of advantages and functions have been professional and national government support and research, our research direction also around Grid-connected counter-current and photovoltaic cells. Their equipment has also been very hot in the market, and now the solar energy products have been popular to home users, so to explain some of the basic concepts and principles of knowledge.

First, Movable Solar Power System

1. Movable Solar Power System is the solar energy products produced by the DC after you cross-flow converter into AC power directly after access to the public power grid. Simply put from the light energy into electricity for users to use. 

Because the power can be directly input to the grid, all the battery-independent PV system will be replaced by the grid system, so do not place the battery, so that can reduce the cost. But the system needs to be connected to the network counter-current, to ensure that the power to meet the power grid frequency, frequency and other performance.


(1) the use of Movable Solar Power System, but also to reduce non-renewable. Limited resources for the consumption of energy, the use of greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions during the afternoon, in the ecological environment of harmony, is to promote the development of sustainable development path! 

(2) the power generated by the inverter directly into the power grid, eliminating the battery, independent of the PV system construction investment can be reduced by 35% to 45%, greatly reducing the cost of production. But also to remove the battery to avoid the secondary pollution of the battery, and can increase the system life and normal use of time. 

(3) photovoltaic building integrated power generation system, due to small investment, construction fast, small footprint, making the construction of high technological content, enhance the construction selling point 

(4) distributed construction, scattered around the size of the local construction, making access to the grid convenient, not only good at increasing the system's defense capabilities and resistance to natural disasters, but also have good at the power system load balance, and reduce the loss of the line.

(5) can play a peak effect. Grid-connected solar photovoltaic system is the focus of many developed countries and support the development of the project, is the main trend of solar power generation system, the market capacity, the development of large space. 

2. Grid-connected inverter 

The grid-connected inverter has the following types of inverters: 

(1) concentrated inverter 

(2) group string inverter 

(3) component inverter

The above several inverter main circuit is to take the control circuit to the reality, we can be divided into square wave and sine wave two control methods.

Square wave output of the inverter: square wave output inverter is mostly used pulse width modulation integrated circuits, such as TL494 and so on. Facts show that the use of SG3525 integrated circuit to take power FET as a switching power components, to achieve the performance of the counter-current than the ultra-high requirements, because the SG3525 very effective drive power FET and has the internal reference source and operational amplifier And undervoltage protection, all relative to the external circuit is also very simple.

Sine wave output of the inverter: sine wave inverter schematic diagram, there are square wave output and sine wave output difference. Square wave output inverter efficiency is high, but for the sine wave power supply is designed to Said that the use is always not assured,Movable Solar Power System although it can be applied to many electrical appliances, but some electrical appliances do not apply, or use the electrical indicators will change the sine wave output inverter does not have this shortcomings, but there is low efficiency Disadvantages.

Grid-connected inverter principle: we convert the AC current into DC current is rectified, the completion of the rectifier function of the circuit process we call the rectifier circuit, the rectifier circuit device to achieve the process we become rectifier. And it is relative to the DC current can be converted to AC current is countercurrent,Movable Solar Power System to complete the entire counter current function of the circuit we call the inverter circuit, the entire inverter device to achieve the process we become the inverter.