Opportunities And Challenges Coexist In PP-R Pipe Market, Pipe Industry Has Been Rapidly Developed

Opportunities and challenges coexist in PP-R pipe market, pipe industry has been rapidly developed

PP-R is a new type of green environmentally-friendly chemical building material, which has been developed and applied internationally. Since 2000,China banned the use of galvanized pipe as a water supply pipeline in new residential, PP pipe, PE pipe and other plastic pipe has been considerable development.

At present, the construction sector has focused on the PP-R pipe as major of the three new plastic pipes. The market prospects are very broad. Companies all want to make profits from it, so the industry is developing rapidly and the production process is also maturing. But the rapid development also brings hidden dangers. Production enterprises are uneven in quality. Especially the price of raw material is rose sharply in the last year, some enterprises in order to maintain profit margins, use some alternatives or recycled materials to reduce production costs, shoddy phenomenon is widespread, which seriously affect the normal development of plastic pipe market.

The industry believes that although PP-R pipe has a big market potential, it will lead to the rapid decline of the industry if there is not a good solution to the credibility problem. Therefore, adjusting industrial structure, strengthening market supervision and establishing a standard of national and industry standards as soon as possible will be of great significance to the normal development of the industry to improve our PP-R pipe market reputation and establish the confidence of users of the product.