PP-R Pipe In The Installation And Construction Should Pay Attention To What Issues

1, PP-R pipe lower than the hardness of the metal pipe, poor rigidity in the transportation, construction should be protected from mechanical damage caused by undue force. Deposited in the dark after going to mark the pipeline location, so as not to re-decoration damaged pipe. 
2, PP-R pipe there is a certain temperature below 5 ℃ brittle, construction should be careful in winter, cut pipe to use sharp knives cut slowly. Can not be installed on the pipeline pressure, percussion, if necessary, to protect vulnerable to external sites covering material. 
3, PP-R pipe long-term aging degradation by ultraviolet radiation easily installed outdoors or in direct sunlight will be packed dark protective layer. 
4, PP-R pipe and metal pipe or water connection flange with a threaded insert or other mechanical connections, the rest should be using hot melt connection, so that pipeline integration, no leakage points. 
    5, PP-R pipe line expansion coefficient larger (0.15mm / m ℃), or buried in the Ming installation Concealed piping must be taken to prevent pipe expansion deformation of technical measures. 
6, pipe installed in a sealed tube (buried), and covering the decorative layer (non-buried dark deposited) before pressure test. Cold water pressure pipe system pressure test of 1.5 times the working pressure, but not less than 1MPa; test pressure hot water 2 times the working pressure, but not less than 1.5MPa. Pressure test of time and methods of technical rules. 
7, PP-R pipe surface or buried Concealed piping must be installed according to the provisions of support, hanger.