PPR Ball Valve Daily Maintenance

PPR Ball Valve due to the opening and closing process of friction between the small, more durable, open high, easy to manufacture, convenient maintenance. The valve is designed with streamlined flow path, small flow resistance and increased water flow. Seal pad self-locking Design, no need to glue and screw fixed, to eliminate the long-term use of the process of sealing pad aging off, plugging pipe.

1, the full path streamline flow design, the flow resistance is small, the velocity is fast, the water flow is big.

2, the overall disc design, high sealing, no leakage point.

3, sealing pad self-locking design, no need to glue and screw fixed, to eliminate the long-term use of glue caused by the aging of the gasket, resulting in pipe blockage.

The valve spool of the cut-off valve adopts a unique vertical lifting design,PPR Ball Valve sealed with a sealed rubber (EPDM material), which presses the outlet vertically and does not damage the sealed rubber. The traditional cut-off valve uses the rotary lifting form,PPR Ball Valve when tightening the rubber and the water outlet strong friction, repeatedly opens the closure will cause the rubber crack damage, causes the leakage.

PPR Ball Valve is a device used in a pipe to cut and distribute the flow direction of the medium, and it is only necessary to rotate 90 degree operation and a very small rotational torque to close tightly in use. What do you need to pay attention to when using ball valves? Today mainly to introduce the use of ball valve notes, hope to help everyone.

Ball valve during use or installation may appear in the leak, because of the use of frequent switches, or not according to the requirements of the installation of many reasons,PPR Ball Valve resulting in the ball valve can not work properly, the following for you to explain the day-to-day maintenance of the ball valve and fault treatment methods.


The routine maintenance method of ball valve

1. It is necessary to find out if the pressure has been removed from the top and downstream piping of the ball valve before disassembling and disassembling.

2. Disassembly and assembly must be careful to prevent damage to the parts of the sealing surface, especially non-metallic parts, remove the O-ring time to use special tools.

3. The bolts on the flange of the ball valve must be tightened symmetrically, gradually and evenly.

4. Ball valve non-metallic Parts should be removed from the cleaning agent immediately after cleaning, not to soak for a long time.

5. After cleaning the cleaning agent to be washed after evaporation (can be used without immersion cleaning agent silk cloth wipe) to assemble, but not for a long time, otherwise it will rust, dust pollution.

6. The new ball valve parts must be cleaned before assembling.

7. Lubricate with Grease. Grease should be compatible with ball valve metal material, rubber parts, plastic parts and working medium. When working medium is gas,PPR Ball Valve it can be used for example special 221 grease. A thin layer of grease is coated on the surface of the seal mounting groove and a thin layer of grease is coated on the rubber seal, and a thin layer of grease is coated on the sealing surface of the stem and on the friction surface.

8. Ball valve Assembly should not be allowed to have metal debris, fiber, grease (except for the use of the prescribed) dust and other impurities, foreign bodies,PPR Ball Valve such as pollution, adhesion or stay on the surface of the part or into the cavity.