PPR Ball Valve Low Requirements For Adjustment Accuracy

What is a PPR Ball Valve? What is a globe valve? What's the difference? In the PPR tube, the globe valve is a plug-shaped disc that seals the surface or cone, and the disc moves along the centerline of the fluid. The valve stem movement form, has the lift pole type (the stem lift, the handwheel does not rise and fall), also has the elevating rotating rod type (handwheel and the valve stem rotates with the lift, the nut is located on the valve body). The cut-off valve is only applicable to open and full off, and is not allowed for adjustment and throttling.

PPR Ball Valve in the opening and closing process is at the end of the valve seat under the pressure of the operation, it is larger than the hemisphere valve opening and closing torque, the larger the nominal diameter of the opening and closing torque is more obvious, butterfly valve opening and closing is to overcome the rubber deformation to achieve, the greater torque. and the gate valve, Globe valves operation time is long and arduous.

PPR Ball Valve and plug valve is the same type of valve, only its closure is a sphere, the ball around the valve body centerline rotation to achieve a open, closed valve. The PPR Ball Valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium.

1 high temperature, high-pressure medium pipe or device should choose the cut-off valve.

2 pipe on the road that the convection resistance requirements are lax.

3 small valve can choose needle valve, instrument valve, sampling valve, pressure gauge valve and so on.

4 has the flow adjustment or the pressure regulation, but to the adjustment accuracy request is not high, moreover the pipeline diameter is comparatively small, if the nominal path ≤50mm the Tube road, should choose.

5 The small chemical fertilizer and the big chemical fertilizer in the synthesis industrial production should choose the nominal pressure pn160 nominal pressure 16mpa or pn320 nominal pressure 32mpa high pressure angle type PPR cut-off valve or high pressure angle type throttle valve

6 alumina Bayer Process in the production of silicon removal workshop, easy to coking of the pipeline, easy to choose the valve body separate, seat can be removed,PPR Ball Valve cemented carbide sealing pair of DC-type PPR cut-off valve or DC-type throttle valve.

7 in the urban construction of water supply, heating engineering, the nominal flow of smaller pipelines, can be selected cut-off, balance valve.