PPR Fitting To Ensure That A Variety Of Construction Requirements Can Be Met

High-quality PPR Fitting, whether inside or outside the walls are very texture, the whole looks relatively smooth, delicate materials. At the same time to ensure that to meet the various construction requirements, PPR Fitting with better performance, in the installation process also need to use a professional construction personnel to install the use, so as to determine the safety factor.

This is a better realization of the PPR Fitting performance, PPR tube itself performance and artificial combination, then professional construction personnel in the choice or installation of PPR Fitting when the need for appropriate observation, through a wide range of understanding, to know PPR Fitting is not the kind of pipe that is needed.

With the introduction of excellent PPR Fittingline, more and more business units in its use, because of its excellent ability to use and enjoy the quality of green pipe living environment. But for those who are about to use the PPR Fitting, they should be installed before the installation of the appropriate technical skills and precautions, so that the PPR Fitting can not effectively because of the wrong installation techniques and damage.

Professional manufacturers should choose how to choose PPR Fitting, such as safe, reliable, PPR affordable, so high quality and PPR Fitting brand PPR Fitting has been reused, this pipe is mainly for large domestic PPR Fitting manufacturers, the use of imported high-quality PPR Materials produced by the use of technology is very advanced, and has a relatively high plasticity, and coupled with the application of reasonable installation, in order to better achieve the performance of PPR Fitting fittings.

First, PPR Fitting connection method

PPR Fitting connection method is mainly used hot melt connection. If there is no good hot melt connection operation method, even if the choice of a good pipe, it is difficult to ensure the quality of the installation of the pipeline. To ensure the quality of the connection, we must first choose with the manufacturers supporting the hot-melt tools, heat welder heating time and heating temperature should be strictly in accordance with operating procedures.

PP-R pipe with hot-melt connection form, the pipe and pipe connections can only be a one-time use, so the water pipe in the wall concealed, according to the design requirements and construction site specific circumstances, accurate cutting. If the pipeline buried laying, should pay attention to the buried part of the interface as little as possible.

Pipes should be carefully cleaned before cleaning the pipe and joint surface, remove the pipe surface of the oil, impurities and burrs. It is necessary to pay attention to the length of the pipe into the tube to be appropriate, after the connection of the pipe joints should be formed uniform flange, if uneven, even if there is a gap, it means welding is not ideal, it is difficult to ensure that the joints do not leak, connection.

1, pipe and pipe fittings should be used in hot-melt connection, not allowed in the pipe and pipe fittings on the wire directly, and the metal pipe can be connected with the flange, and the water connection must be used with metal insert fittings;

2, hot melt connection construction must use a reliable quality of the hot melt equipment to ensure the quality of welding;

3, the use of special scissors vertical cutting pipe, incision should be smooth, no glitches;

4, clean the pipe fittings welding parts, to avoid sand, dust and other damage to the quality of the joints; with the size of the welding pipe is matched with the heating head fixed to the fuser, connect the power, waiting for the heating head to reach the best temperature;

5, with a pencil on the pipe mark the welding depth;

6, the pipe and pipe into the welding device, according to the provisions of time for heating;

7, heating is completed, remove the pipe and pipe fittings, immediately connected to the pipe and pipe fittings with the match, if the two positions are not right, you can make a small amount of adjustment within a certain period of time, but the twist angle should not exceed 5 ℃;

8, the connection is completed, we must hold the tube and pipe with both hands, to maintain adequate cooling time, cooling to a certain extent before the release, continue to install the next section of the tube.

Pipeline connection is completed, should be on the wall or on the ground with colored paint to indicate the location of the pipeline to avoid the second renovation is to destroy the pipeline. Dark water supply riser through the floor should be fixed at the support point, to prevent the accumulation of telescopic telescopic in the top of the branch pipe to produce displacement stress, damage to the branch. At the same time, in accordance with regulatory requirements set up pipe support, the installation of PP-R pipe is also very important.

Second, PPR Fitting construction and installation precautions

1, construction workers should be through the three types of polypropylene pipe installation of technical training.

2, to provide the pipe and pipe fittings should meet the design requirements, accompanied by product brochures and quality certificate.

3, do not use signs of damage to the material. If the quality of the pipeline is abnormal, should be used before the technical identification or re-inspection.

4, the pipeline system installation process should be timely closure of the opening.

5, construction and installation should review the cold, hot water pipe pressure levels and the use of occasions. The pipe mark should be facing outwardly and in a clear position.

6, pipe installation, no axial distortion, through the wall or floor, should not be forced to correct. Water supply polypropylene pipe and other metal pipe parallel laying should have a certain distance, the net distance should not be less than 100mm, and the polypropylene should be inside the metal pipe.

7, the interior filled with pipes, should be carried out after the completion of civil works, should be installed with the soil before the correct hole or embedded casing.

8, pipe through the floor, should be set steel casing, casing 50mm above the ground, and waterproof measures. When piping through the roof, strict waterproofing measures should be used. A fixed bracket should be provided through the front end.

9, the indoor floor of the following pipeline laying should be in the civil engineering backfill compaction after the re-excavation. It is forbidden to be laid in the backfill or in the undeveloped soil.

10, the laying of the ditch at the end of the pipeline should be flat, not a prominent hard objects.

11, buried pipeline backfill, the tube back to the soil shall not be mixed with hard objects directly contact with the wall.

12, the pipeline should be set at the site of the protective tube, the height should be higher than the floor 100mm.

13, the pipeline through the base wall, should be set up metal casing. Sleeve and base wall reserved hole above the clearance height, if the design is not specified, should not be less than 100mm.

14, pipeline crossing the road in the neighborhood, casing thickness of less than 70mm, should be used strict protection measures.