PPR Pipe And Aluminum-plastic Pipe What Is The Difference?

Its very high degree of security and reliability. PE and pp-r hot melt or melt connection, 

complicated, prone to defects, resulting in stress concentration, thus affecting the long-term 

performance of the pipe, in addition, electric fuse high temperature easy promotion of pipeline 

material degradation, accelerated aging pipes.

2, long term health and performance, aluminum tube aluminum intermediate layer to isolate oxygen,

 microorganisms and algae is not easy to breed, the outer PE allows berries will not cause water 

pollution. PE pipe and pp-r pipe not blocked oxygen leads to micro-organisms and algae 

reproduction, affect the health of drinking water, and contains a lot of antioxidants, cause 

water pollution.

3, and from resistance high temperature performance see, aluminum plastic tube GB provides of 

long-term using temperature for 95 ℃, highest using temperature for 110 ℃, completely can meet 

family water of need; PE tube with temperature of increased its performance quickly declined, only

 limited to cold water conveying; PP-R GB provides of long-term using temperature for 70 ℃, 

highest using temperature for 95 ℃, in hot tube of using Shang has must of limitations.

4, and from resistance aging performance see, aluminum plastic tube molecular structure stable, 

both inside and outside layer PE apart, outer allows joined enough of anti-light, and anti-oxygen 

stable agent and not effect contact water of within layer health sex; PE tube molecular structure 

stable, but single layer structure not conducive to joined stable agent, easy led to pipeline 

within water two times pollution; PP-R tube is contains large not stable of tert-carbon Atomic, 

easy by light, and oxygen, and impurities role and aging.