PPR Pipe As The Warm-up Right

PPR and polypropylene random copolymer, is currently widely used in hot and cold water piping 

material. Because of its convenience, high reliability is widely used. With the rise of 

independent heating market, PPR pipe also is applied to the heating system in the past.

Concealed works of warm pipes are better meet the following conditions:

1, shelter without joints, put an end to leaking problems

PPR pipe material is hard, inflexible and needs must be bent to a certain extent add connectors,

 which contradict the conditions of heating pipe cover without joints.

2, the main oxygen permeation resistance against scaling in heating

PPR pipe as a pure plastic tube, unable to block oxygen from entering.

3, the main needs to ensure sufficient flow

Because of the particularity of PPR pipe hot-melting connection, the workers demanded higher, 

hot-melt enough leakage problems, hot melt too much can cause shrinkage, leading to inadequate 

heating system flow and warm not hot can not find the reason.