PPR Pipe Construction Questions

PPR pipe problems during installation:

1, PPR pipe worse than low hardness, rigidity of metal tubes, in the construction of 

transportation, should be protected to avoid mechanical damage caused by inappropriate force. To 

mark the pipe after the concealed location, so as to avoid the second decoration of damaged pipes.

2 there are some low temperature brittleness, PPR pipes at temperature below 5, winter be careful 

cutting with a sharp tool with slow cutting. Installed pipe cannot be pressed, tap and, if 

necessary, the protection easily by the external cover.

Long-term exposure to ultraviolet light is easily 3, PPR pipe degradation, installed outdoors or 

in direct sunlight must cover the dark protective layer.

4, PPR pipe in addition to metal pipes or water connections using threaded inserts or flanges, 

mechanical connection methods, other hot-melting connection should be used, so integration, no 


5, PPR pipe linear expansion coefficient (0.15mm/m), wall mounted or non-buried concealed piping 

must take technical measures to prevent deformation of the pipe-line expansion.