PPR Pipe Ensure The Installation Quality Of Piping. Connection Quality

The connection method of PPR Pipe mainly adopts hot melt connection. If there is no good hot melt connection operation method, even if the choice of good pipe, it is difficult to ensure the installation of the pipeline quality. To ensure the quality of connection, first of all must select with the manufacturer of hot melt tools, hot welder heating time and heating temperature should be strictly enforced.

PP-R tube using hot-melt connection form, its pipe and pipe fittings between the connection can only one-time use, so the water pipe in the wall in the dark, according to the design requirements and construction site specific conditions, accurate material. If the pipeline is laid out,PPR Pipe it should be noted that the interface of the buried part is minimized.

Piping and joint surfaces should be carefully cleaned before pipeline welding to remove oil, impurities and burrs from the surface of the pipe. To pay attention to the length of pipe inserted pipe fitting should be appropriate, after the connection of the pipe joint should form a uniform flange, if not uniform,PPR Pipe even one side of the gap, it means that the weld is not ideal, it is difficult to ensure that its joints do not leak, at this time should be reconnected.

1, pipe and pipe fittings should be connected by hot melt mode, not allowed in the pipe and pipe fittings directly, with the metal pipe can be used flange connection, and water device connection must use with metal inserts fittings;

2, the hot Melt connection construction must use the quality reliable hot melt machine, guarantees the weld quality;

3, the use of special scissors vertical cutting pipe, incision should be smooth, no burr;

4, Clean pipe fittings welding parts, to avoid sand,PPR Pipe dust and other damage to the quality of the joint, with the welding pipe size matching heating head fixed on the fuser, connecting power, waiting for the heating head to reach the best temperature;

5. Mark weld depth with pencil on pipe;

6, the pipe and fittings into the fuse, according to the specified time for heating;

7, the heating finished, take out the pipe and pipe fittings, immediately connected, in the pipe and fittings connection, if the two positions are not correct,PPR Pipe you can make a small adjustment in a certain time, but the angle of torsion should not exceed 5 ℃;

8, the connection completes, must hold the pipe and the pipe fittings with both hands, maintains the sufficient cooling time, cools to a certain degree to be able to loosen, continues to install the next section of pipe.

After the pipe connection is completed,PPR Pipe should be on the wall or the ground with colored paint to indicate the pipeline position, to avoid secondary decoration is the destruction of the pipeline. The concealed water supply riser shall be fixed at the crossing floor to prevent the cumulative expansion of the risers from generating the displacement stress on the top of the upper branch pipe and causing damage to the branch pipe. At the same time, according to the standard requirements of the installation of pipe bracket, pp-R pipe is also very important.