PPR Pipe Ensure The Quality Of The Pipe Installation

PPR Pipe consumers in the decoration is the preferred ppr tube ten brands of water pipes, all-round pipe is one of the top ten brands of ppr tube, and all the use of high-quality ppr raw materials in the market has made wide acclaim, is the current ppr tube Agents of the best choice, today all-around pipeline to give you about the installation of all-round tube hot melt:

First of all, according to the size of the diameter of the use of different touch head, installed in the heating plate; and then plug in, open the switch

And then set the required temperature, the indicator light from red to yellow when the temperature reaches the set temperature;

Finally, the first ppr pipe into the touch head, insert nearly half of the depth, the pipe into the touch head, to be reached at the same time to achieve the same depth and even when the overflow material, the pipe and pipe fused together in 3 seconds on the straight, Can not rotate, and then stabilize, to be cooled after the release, welding completed.

PPR pipe is generally used for embedded walls, or deep well embedded pipe. As a result of a high plasticity, price economy, better insulation properties, heat insulation, corrosion resistance and many other benefits. So that PPR pipe can be seen everywhere in life, with the PPR pipe consumption, the expansion of space for development. More and more enterprises have joined the production and sales of PPR pipe ranks. At present, PPR pipe industry is the urgent task of propaganda and implementation of national standards, so that raw materials, pipe production enterprises according to national standards of production, users use according to national standards.

Ppr tube products in the 10 degrees Celsius will become brittle, below 5 degrees Celsius temperature will become very brittle. This is determined by the physical properties of the ppr pipe fittings, and its material can not be overcome. So all-round pipeline to pay attention to all the ppr product users in the winter to pay attention to the use of security ppr to prevent the use of ppr pipe before the installation because of the temperature is too low and was injured, to ensure the quality of pipeline installation.

Ppr pipe installation points, pipe and pipe fittings are connected by hot-melt connection, not allowed in the pipe and pipe fittings on the wire, and metal pipes and water users must use the metal insert fittings. Hot melt connection construction must use the welding equipment provided by the company to ensure the quality of welding. Hand-held welding device for small diameter pipe and the final connection system, trolley welding machine for large diameter pipe pre-assembled connection.

The pipe and fittings to be connected shall be flat, clean and free of oil. Mark the pipe insertion depth (equal to the fitting depth of the pipe). The entire insertion depth of the pipe and pipe joint surface heating. Welding construction should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the technical parameters of the operation, in the heating and plugging process can not turn the pipe and pipe, should be directly inserted; normal welding should be in the joint surface with a uniform fusion ring.

After the construction by the pressure test after sealing and use. Ppr pipe installation mainly using hot-melt pipe, welding time and pressure is not good grasp, the process of large random, in the hot melt push process is easy to produce stacking material to reduce the diameter, and the weld into an irregular defect area , Resulting in stress concentration, the impact of ppr tube prices long-term performance; for the fpr pipe fused connection, because the main use of fuses to promote pp-r degradation of copper, will accelerate the aging of ppr tube.

Resistant to rapid stress cracking ability: cracks in the defect or material uneven cracking and under certain conditions, the development of instability, there is the risk of rapid cracking. The rapid cracking of the pipeline refers to the occasional cracking of the pipeline, the crack to several hundred meters per second speed of rapid growth, and instantly caused tens of meters or even thousands of kilometers of pipeline damage to the big accident.

Since the microstructure of the ppr tube itself determines that the ppr resistance to rapid cracking is poor, the ppr tube is banned in Europe for gas supply. The aluminum-plastic tube used in the fast crack propagation of polyethylene has been studied for nearly 20 years, and PAP has a five-layer structure (polyethylene / binder / aluminum / binder / polyethylene) that connects polyethylene and aluminum into A whole, there is no danger of rapid cracking.