PPR Pipe Has A Unique Advantage

PPR Pipe Consumers in the renovation is the preferred PPR Pipe Top Ten brand water pipes, the almighty pipe is one of the top ten brands of PPR Pipe in China, and all the materials used in the high quality PPR have been widely praised in the market, which is the best choice for the current PPR pipe agents, today Almighty pipe will introduce the installation of universal tube Hot Melt:

The first is to choose different head according to the diameter of the pipe, installed on the heating plate; then plug in and turn on the switch.

Second, set the required temperature, the light from red to yellow when the temperature reached the set temperature;

Finally, the PPR fitting is inserted into the head first, when inserting nearly half of the depth, the pipe is inserted into the head, to be at the same time to reach the specified depth and the uniform overflow when the simultaneous pull-out, the pipe and pipe fittings together, in 3 seconds to the straight, can not rotate, and then steady, after cooling let go, weld finish.

PPR Pipe is also called type three polypropylene tube, the use of random copolymer polypropylene extruded into pipe, injection molding into pipe. It is a new plastic pipe product developed in the early 90 in Europe. PPR is the late 80, using the gas-phase copolymerization process to make 5% or so PE in PP molecular chain randomly homogeneous polymerization (random copolymerization) and become a new generation of pipeline materials. It has good impact resistance and long-term creep performance.

The PPR Pipe interface uses the hot melt technology, the pipe completely fuses to together, therefore once installs suppresses the test pass, will not leak again, the reliability is extremely high. But this is not to say that the PPR pipe is a defective pipe, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance is slightly worse, long-term operating temperature can not exceed 70 ℃; Each length is limited, and can not be curved construction, if the pipeline laying distance long or around the corner, in the construction will be used to a large number of joints; the pipe is cheap but the accessories are relatively expensive. In terms of comprehensive performance, PPR Pipe is a high cost-effective pipe, so become the preferred material for home improvement plumbing.

PPR Pipe: As a new type of water pipe material, PPR Pipe has a unique advantage, it can be used as cold pipe, can also be used as a hot water pipe, because of its non-toxic, light weight, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, is becoming a promotional material. Also applies to hot water piping, even pure drinking water pipelines. The PPR Pipe interface is thermally fused, and the pipes are completely fused together, so once the installation is tested and the PPR Pipe is not scaling

PP-R pipe, the use of high-quality raw materials injection molding, product performance has reached or exceeded the national standard gb/t18742 specifications. Also has the following unique design and process advantages:

The use of large radian bending design, can effectively reduce the formation of water hammer, eliminate the phenomenon of tube shock.

Use 45-degree chamfer design to make the weld easier.