PPR Pipe Installation To Ensure A Strong, No Leakage

Installation of hot and PPR Pipe :

1, the bathroom hot and PPR Pipe  to separate the distance not too close. Shower water pipe height between 1.8M - 2.1M.

2, the installation of toilet water, the general water pipe does not walk the top, the cold, hot water outlet must be level, the general left hot right cool, pipe laying to be horizontal flat, the layout to be safe and reasonable. Pipe card position and pipe slope, etc. should meet the regulatory requirements. All types of valve installation should be correct and flat, easy to use and maintenance.

3, cold, hot water pipes are into the wall approach, slotted to check the depth of the tank, hot and cold water pipe can not be the same slot.

4, the installation of water heaters into the outlet, the water inlet valve and intake valve must be considered and should be installed in the appropriate location.

Water pipe installation Note:

1, the water should be equipped with indoor total valve, before installation must check the water pipe and connecting accessories are damaged, trachoma, cracks and other phenomena.

2, the installation of kitchen, Wei Guan Road, the size of the pipe in the wall should take into account the final size of the wall after the paste, that is, in advance to consider the thickness of the wall.

3, the wall, the ground, as little as possible or not to connect accessories to reduce the risk of leakage points. Connect the accessories to ensure that the installation, no leakage.

4, the design of water pipes should be considered when the washing machine faucet installation location, the layout of the water. Also note that the location of the power outlet is appropriate. Kitchen kitchen drums inside the drum washing machine must determine the size of the washing machine and kitchen cabinets in order to stay up and down the water position.

5, waterway transformation to do the pipeline pressure test, the experimental pressure should not be less than 0.6MPa. Time is 20-30 minutes.

6, shower mixing valve around the right position, and installed in the middle of the bathtub (first determine the size of the bathtub), the height of the bathtub on the 150-200mm, massage bathtub according to the type of outlet set aside. Mixing valve hole is generally kept in the (dark) 150mm, (mounted) 100 mm, connecting rod shower according to the room height and the individual needs of the owner to determine the outlet position.

7, toilet into the water outlet as far as possible can be placed in the toilet can block the line of sight. Siamese toilet according to the model to determine the location of the outlet, the general stay in the middle of the toilet to the left 200 mm.

8, the wall of the water supply port (elbow) height to be appropriate, it is necessary to facilitate maintenance, but also as little as possible to allow the hose exposed, and no additional hose, giving a simple, beautiful visual The There is no cabinet below the basin of a class of sanitary ware,PPR Pipe  set the height of the mouth, generally should be located on the ground 500-600mm or so. The basin basin should be set at the bottom of the column or behind the column, as far as possible with the column block. Wall-mounted washbasin (no column, no cabinet) of the drainage pipe must be used to draw elbow from the wall of the horizontal way to set the water pipe (that is, the water into the wall).

ppr pipe installation specification

1, water pipes and accessories into the field, by the owners and workers with acceptance. Water pipe try to choose brand materials, but to guard against counterfeit products, there are security signs can phone inquiries, do not forget to check the product of the certificate.

2, hot and cold water pipe installation should be left hot right cold, the distance is not less than 30mm. With a pencil set up and down the location of the metal tube, the distance between the two points is not less than 800mm, and then use the hammer in the positioning point on the eye.

3, nail metal tube card screws. In the hole after the hole on the wooden wedge, and then in the wooden wedge nail metal tube card screws, be sure to tighten the screws into the wooden wedge, to prevent loosening.

4, according to the measured size of the hot melt. Temperature control at 260 ℃,PPR Pipe  the temperature is too high easy to pipe wall hot deformation, hot melt 5-7 seconds after the rapid connection of water pipes and pipe head to ensure that the fusion ring closely.

5, will be connected to a good water pipe shelves, one by one with a screwdriver to tighten the tube card, pay attention to the corner is the force point, the nozzle must be tightened. Valve installation location should be correct and smooth (calculate the thickness of tile paving), easy to use and maintenance.

6, all the plug sealed, with test pressure pump measured water pressure 8-10mpa, half an hour after the pressure gauge, the normal situation is the water pressure down 0.05mpa, this is qualified. If it is not possible, there is a problem with the pipe, or the pipe is connected.

7, all the plug seal, with test pressure pump measured water pressure 8-10mpa, half an hour later to see the pressure gauge, the normal situation is the water pressure down 0.05mpa, this is qualified. If it is not possible, there is a problem with the pipe, or the pipe is connected.

8, in the plug silk mouth wrapped around the raw material to prevent leakage, then tighten the plug. Embedded in the wall, the ground pipe should be anti-corrosion treatment and protection with cement mortar.

9, and finally by the owners or supervision and acceptance of the entire water pipe laying works, PPR pipe laying should be horizontal and vertical, solid. Hot and cold water pipe interval is compliance, no leakage phenomenon.