PPR Pipe Long Lasting

PPR Pipe (polypropylene random tube), also known as three-type polypropylene tube and also known as random copolymer polypropylene tube or PPR tube, widely used in building water supply and drainage, urban and rural water supply and drainage, urban gas, municipal, industrial and agricultural fields. PPR tube with random copolymer polypropylene extruded into a pipe, injection into a pipe.

The first health, non-toxic: This product is a green product, can be used for pure water drinking pipe system.

The second heat resistance is good: working water temperature is 95 ℃, short-term use temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius, the temperature is 60 degrees Celsius and the working pressure of 1.2Mpa under the conditions of long-term continuous use.

The third corrosion-resistant, non-scaling: the majority of ions in the water and buildings within the chemical substances are not chemical, not rust, no corrosion, no breeding bacteria. Can be exempted from pipeline fouling and water basin, bathtub macadamus rust worries (some pipes claim to be antibacterial tube, which is a concept of speculation, the real good PPR material antibacterial is its fundamental performance).

The fourth weight is light, high strength, good toughness: density 0.89-0.91g / cm3, only one-ninth of the steel pipe, one-tenth of the copper tube, test pressure strength of up to 5.0Mpa above (50kg / Cm) or more, good toughness, impact resistance.

Fifth thermal insulation: 20 ℃ when the thermal conductivity of 0.23-0.24W / mk, than the steel pipe (43-52W / mk), copper (333W / mk), only one hundred percent of the metal pipe, In the hot water pipe insulation energy saving effect is excellent.

Sixth pipe resistance is small: smooth wall of the pipe, not scaling, rough wall coefficient is only 0.007, much lower than the metal pipe.

Seventh easy and reliable installation: As the polypropylene has a good thermal fusion performance, hot melt connection will be made of the same material pipe and pipe fittings to connect as a whole. No need to set silk, a few seconds to complete a section head connection, and metal pipes and water pipes connected with high quality nickel-plated copper inserts, safe and reliable, put an end to the hidden dangers of water leakage.

The eighth appearance: the product wall is smooth, water resistance is small, soft colors, handsome in appearance.

Ninth long service life: the pipeline system in normal use under the life of 50 - 100 years.

PPR pipe is generally no longer leaking, high reliability. But its high temperature resistance, slightly less pressure, long-term working temperature can not exceed 70 ℃; each length is limited, and can not bend the construction, if the pipeline laying distance or long corner, in the construction will use a large number of joints The From the overall performance point of view, PPR pipe is a relatively high cost of the pipe, so become the first choice for home improvement pipe material.

PPR tubes on the market are mainly white, gray, green and curry color. Why is there this difference? This is mainly caused by the addition of the masterbatch. Here, the small U suggest that you better buy a white PPR tube, because a very small number of smoky manufacturers will use the recycled material to produce PPR pipe, by adding color masterbatch to cover the impurities caused by impurity.

PPR tube hot and cold choice:

1, pay attention to the overall use of pipeline coefficient C (ie safety factor) to determine:

In general, long-term continuous use temperature ≥ 70 ℃, and may be a long time to run at higher temperatures, optional C = 1.5.

2, for cold water (≤ 40 ℃) system, use P.N1.0-1.6MPa pipe, pipe fittings;

For hot water system selection ≥ PN2.0MPa pipe, pipe fittings.

3, in considering the above principles, the SDR pipe fittings should not be greater than the pipe SDR, that pipe fittings wall thickness should not be less than the same size pipe wall thickness.