PPR Pipe Raw Materials In The Market Has Made Wide Acclaim

In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy and the continuous progress of society, construction industry, municipal engineering, water conservancy projects, and agriculture and other industries also continue to develop. In these industries, PPR pipe and PVC pipe is two kinds of commonly used pipeline, two kinds of pipes have their own advantages. So on the PVC pipe and PPR tube of the difference, we understand how much? The following small series for everyone to introduce the difference between pvc tube and ppr tube.

1, the two different materials, PVC is the use of PVC, PPR tube is the use of random copolymer polypropylene.

2, color difference: PPR tube toughness better than PVC, and good quality and bright color, and other milky yellow, and poor quality of the color confusion. PVC pipe is milky white, material than PPR hardness, cross section without light, but its outer surface shiny.

3, wall thickness difference: PPR and PVC pipe diameter are the same, the biggest difference is in the wall thickness, PPR tube thickness, PVC pipe wall thin.

PPR pipe and PVC pipe have a word, a look to understand, and PPR tube toughness is good, in the same diameter, the usual PPR pipe wall thicker.

4, the price is different, the general price of PVC is lower than the PPR, low price is the advantage of PVC material.

5, PPR tube with light weight, good corrosion resistance, not knot dirt, long service life advantages. And PPR tube safe non-toxic, can be used for hot and cold water pipes, can also be used in drinking water systems. PPR tube can work in the highest temperature of 90 degrees, working at 70 ℃, the service life of more than 50 years, and at room temperature, its service life is more than 100 years. PPR pipe installation is very convenient, because PPR has a good welding performance, whether it is hot welding or welding machine, are very convenient. And PPR pipe broken material can be recycled, but also in the pipe, pipe production for the second use.

 PVC is relatively heavy, corrosion resistance is better than PPR, but not high temperature, the common situation is used for cold water delivery, installation can not be hot, can only be used PVC adhesive, cold water service life of up to 70 years, pipe , Pipe scrap can also be used twice, used in other PVC products.

PPR water pipe consumers in the decoration is the preferred ppr tube ten brand water pipes, all-round pipe is one of the top ten brands of ppr tube, and all the high-quality ppr raw materials used in the market has made wide acclaim, is the current ppr tube Agents of the best choice, today all-around pipeline to give you about the installation of all-round tube hot melt:

First of all, according to the size of the diameter of the use of different touch head, installed in the heating plate; and then plug in, open the switch

And then set the required temperature, the indicator light from red to yellow when the temperature reaches the set temperature;

Finally, the first ppr pipe inserted into the touch head, insert nearly half of the depth, the pipe into the touch head, to be the same time to reach the specified depth and even when the spill out the same time, the pipe and pipe fused together in 3 seconds on the straight, Can not rotate, and then stabilize, to be cooled after the release, welding completed.