Raw Material Shortages And Cost Control Of Ethylene Industrial Development Added Value Improving

Rising material prices and other factors, Park maintenance, technology and other means of seeking 

respite. But a set of data is to let people see the other side of the market. 2013 and 16.225 

million tonnes in domestic ethylene production, apparent consumption 17.929 million tons. In other

 words, 1.704 million tons of ethylene in China need to import. The market on the one hand the 

"enough" capacity on the one hand there is a surplus of contradictions born why? when China 

becomes international petrochemical producers scrambling to seize emerging market, why ethylene 

industry in Taiwan has been "Frost"?

Hit the "cold"

According to statistics, China currently has 27 ethylene production enterprises, 35 sets of 

devices 4.422 million tons of capacity from 2000 to 2013 17.885 million tons, basically every 5 

years, to a new level. Among them, more than 90% capacity by three major oil group contributions.