Solar Inverter Attention To Detail

sing solar inverter in which we should pay attention to details, your face I was under the details for you:

1, TV sets, monitors, motor power peaked at startup, such as though the rated power converter can withstand 2 times the peak power, but some of the electric power to meet the requirements of peak power could exceed peak output power converter, overload protection, electricity was shut off. Drive multiple appliances at the same time, this kind of situation, may occur at this time should be shut down electric switch, switch on converter, then open the electric switch, and should be the first to open the highest peak electrical appliances.

2, in use process, the battery voltage start falling, when the converter DC voltage at the input to 10.4-11 V, alarms peak chirp, the computer or other sensitive electrical appliances should be closed in time, if ignore the alarm, converter was in 9.7 10.3 V voltage, automatic shut off, so that you can avoid the battery be overdischarge, power protection off patrol, the red light is lit up.

3, should be timely launch vehicles, to the accumulator, prevent power failure, affect auto start and battery life;

4, although no overvoltage protection function to converter input voltage more than 16 v, is still likely to damage the converter;

5, after continuous use, shell surface temperature will rise to 60 ℃, pay attention to air flow, stay away from the influence of high temperature object.