The Development Trend Of U-PVC Pipes

U-PVC pipes, such as energy saving, environmental protection, affordable advantages to 

traditional cast iron pipe, concrete pipes, steel challenge, while the new pipe challenge-the 

glass pipe, PE pipe, u-PVC pipe a small investment and quick, breaking the pattern of industrial production, 

have been widely applied to various fields.

Following CNC pipe U-PVCC pipe under the small details to you many advantages:

1, no leakage, excellent seal: U-PVC outside of pipe with fiberglass Pack fixed wall with plastic 

welding rod in welding, 0.6Mpa water pressure.

2, the construction is convenient: lightweight U-PVC pipe, handling facilities, can save a lot of

costs, and reduce a lot of trouble.

3, fluid resistance: u-PVC pipe wall smooth, fluid resistance, roughness coefficient is only