With A Coin To Identify Genuine And Fake Weixing PPR Pipes

PPR pipe and three polypropylene pipes, where hot and cold water pipes are essential materials 

for home improvement. Some businesses in order to reduce costs, when the PPR pipe production, add

 calcium carbonate every 2000 to 3000 Yuan, such a shoddy product easy to aging, short life. 

Weixing pipeline industry teaches you how to use one of the following coins tell PPR pipe between 

true and false.

2004 years zhihou of a Yuan coins of standard weight is 6 grams, will PPR tube interception a 

small paragraph said about, to guarantee experiment with of PPR tube is 60 grams, is coins weight 

of 10 times times, then again interception of PPR tube Shang cut a article small mouth, will 

coins card up, then again prepared a basin water, will card with coins of PPR tube put in water 

in, PPR tube if floating in water Shang on description is really of, if sank to water in the, 

description this root PPR tube doping has calcium carbonate, impurities.

Someone will ask the scientific basis for it? In fact, the principle is very simple: water ratio 

of 1, PPR pipe specific gravity between 0.9 and 0.91, is not to sink into the water. And the 

proportion of calcium carbonate is more than 2.7, when PPR tubes of calcium carbonate mixed in, 

the proportion will increase, PPR pipe and the weight of the coin is 10:1, on the water, PPR pipe 

is not really sinking.