PPR Pipe Fitting Double Elbow

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PPR Pipe Fitting double elbow





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1. Healthful, innocuous: the product belongs to environmental green protective building materials. 

It can be used in piping system of pure water and drinking water.

2. Anticorrosion,anti-encumbrance: using the pipes can avoild the rustlings of laver and bathtub 

which was given rise to by piping rust eaten and it also can avoid the clogging 

which induce by piping rust eaten

3. High temperature and pressure resistance the water temperature that transport by the pipes can

 reach 95°C when working under the long term consecutive working stress.

4. Heat preservation and energy saving: coefficient of heat passage of the piping just one of two

 hundred as metallic conduit and the heat preservationand energy saving efficiency are very good

 when used as hot water line.

4. Lightweight: the piping specific gravity of the piping just as one of seven as metallic conduit.

5. Beautiful shape:the inside and outside of the production is very lubricous, 

fluid resistance is little color and luster is very meekness and it has attractive appearance.

6. The fitting of the piping is very convenient and credible: adopting hot melts joint only needs

 a few seconds and very on the safe side.

7.The working life of piping is very long:its working life can reach at least 50 years under normal use.

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