PPR Pipe Fitting Female Socket/All Kinds Of Pipes And Fittings Socket

PPR Pipe Fitting Female Socket/All Kinds Of Pipes And Fittings Socket
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PPR pipe fitting female socket/All kinds of pipes and fittings socket


Our PPR pipe systems are made of High Molecular Weight Polypropylen Random Copolymers suitably stablized for high temperature applications and especially with high environmental stress cracking resistance that means long service life. Depending on pressure i is possible to use PPR pipe systems for constant temperatures up to 70°C with service life of more than 50 years. Peak temperatures of 100°C arising from short disruptions are unproblematic. Our PPR pipe systems are produced according to German standard and use imported raw material. No fade, no aging, anti-acid, anti-corrosion, durable.Environmental friendly, safe, healthy and easy to clean



1.Material: PPR and 58-3 brass insert



4.Size:20x1/2,20x3/4,25x1/2,25x3/4,32x1/2,32x3/4,32x1,40x1 1/4,50x1 1/2,63x2


6. Manufacture with strong OEM/ODM ability



1. Purified water, drinking water system;
2. Solar heating and cooling equipment system;
3. Beverage and liquid medicine production system;
4. Industrial compressed air pipe network;
5. Caliduct, floor and wall heating equipment;
6. Indoor and outdoor pipe of exposed installation;
7. Oxygen pipe in hospital;
8. Other industrial and agricultural pipe.