PPR Pipe Fitting Female Threaded Elbow With Disk

Product Details

PPR pipe fitting female threaded elbow with disk


Material:PPR(PP resin,HYOSUNG R 200P from Korea) and brass


Standard: DIN8077/8078


1. Sanitization & Non-poison:This product is able to used for pure clean drinking water pipe system

2. Heat-Proof:Under the definite long-term continuous work pressure,the pipe transferring water 

temperature can reach 90 °c

3. Corrosion-proof & Non-fouling: Able to avoid the pipe fouling or blocking,making the basin and 

bath pod without yellow lusts

4. Warmth-protecting & Energy-saving:For the heat-transferring coefficient,,it is only 1/200 th 

of the metal pipe’s.so with best warmth-lasting efficiency 

5. less weight & High Strength:Its proportion is only 1/8th of metal pipe’s,pressure-proof 

strength up to over 5 MPa,with good tenacity and pound-proof

6. Beautiful Appearance:With smooth inner and outer surfaces,less flowing resistance,soft colour 

and beautiful figure

7. Easy Reliable installation:Using heat melting joint without sleeve wire, finishing the joint 

only for several seconds,using good-quality bronze insulting fitting to make the metak pipe 

reliably connect to basin

8. Long Using Life:The pipe system can have using life for over 50 years under normal condition.


1.The civil-use and industrial-use construction inner cold/warm water and water-giving system 

2.Public sites,(such as school,hospitals),gyms(such as swimming pools,playgrounds)

3.Drinking water systems and food industry management system 

4.Garden and warm rooms’ irrigating systerms

5.Traditional heat-giving/heat-absorbing systems 

6.Central air-conditioner system

7.Chemical flowing transferring pipe system

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