PE-RT Flooring Heating Pipe

PE-RT Flooring Heating Pipe
Product Details

CHENYU is dedicated to the manufacturing and processing of various pe-rt flooring heating pipe manufacture of high-quality. You are able to get the pricelist and quotation with us - one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of pe-rt flooring heating pipe manufacture and also have a productive factory.

Field of application:

under floor heating system for public and civil buildings.

Features :

1. Long service life and high safety; Type II PE-RT is a great breakthrough in PE-RT raw material manufacturing technique, and has higher hydrostatic strength and higher safety compared with Type I PE-RT. It is better than common PPR pipes as regards comprehensive mechanical behavior. Type II PE-RT has no point of inflexion on the long-term creep curve with time, temperature and pressure, while other pure plastic pipes have a point of inflexion even PB pipe with the best performance indexes, thus, its performance will not degrade with time in 50 years, but has higher safety.

2. Low temperature resistance and impact resistance. Tubing will not break easily due to impact during works, and allows works at low temperature;

3. Good flexibility, easy to bend and good work ability. It can bend without any special tool or heating, thus the processing cost is low, and the internal stress produced because of bend is low and has small impact on the service life of tubing.

4. Excellent thermal conductivity, which is 0.40 W/m K, higher than that of other types of underfloor heating pipes, and suitable for under floor heating system.

5. Good chemical resistance and long service life;

6. Good environmental benefits. PERT is hot melt material that can be recycled, which does not pollute environment and no secondary pollution.

7. Non-toxic, odorless, good hygienic property;

8. All the PE-RT underfloor heating pipe products of DX-Asia are subject to air pressure test, which completely eliminates hidden risks of underground works.

9. Rich experience in PE-RT underfloor heating pipe design and works, can provide a full set of auxiliary equipment and materials, and one-stop service, so you can leave your worries all behind.