20W Solar Home Lighting System Portable DC Solar Kits For Camping

Product Details

20W solar home lighting system portable DC solar kits for camp

Principle of Operation

During the day, solar cells absorb the light energy and transform them to electrical energy. At 

the same time, battery is charged. The system will automatically start to supply power for loads 

when turn on the switch. Please see the left schematic diagram.

Main Features

1.DC output for option, convenience and safety

2.Built-in digital FM radio with MP3 player

3.Simple structure, Perfect protection function      

4.Battery power indicator function 

5.Small size & light weight             

6.Large arc shaped handle, easy to carry

Main Functions:

1. Built in FM radio and MP3 player

2. Battery power indicator

3. Overloading protection

4. Overvoltage protection                                              

5. Overheat protection                                                          

6. Short circuit protection 

7. 4* DC12V output and 2* 5V USB output


OEM/ODM available:

Tell us the requirements and price range you desire, we will bright you best performance product against your budget.

Loads and use time reference:

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